For sale Lovely Mara, AED 12,000.00

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petras stauner (petra11)
Registration Date: Jul 26, 2017
Personal Address:
Company Name: petra
First Name: petras
Last Name: stauner
Phone: +097 (543) 117-514
Country: United Arab Emirates
City: dubai
Address: al barsha 2
ZIP code: 90067
Title: For sale Lovely Mara
Age: 2 Year(s)
Price: AED 12,000.00
Additional information
Description: Beautiful and lovely girl. She has just turned 8 and still very shy but has come along leap and bounds since we've had her. She loves going for a walk and is one of the best dogs ever to take out. She walks at your side and never pulls or barks at any other dogs along the way.
She has been through so much through her life and really deserves a lovely forever home with someone who can give her some TLC. Best with a family without very small kids, and possibly another quite dog to keep her company and to gain her confidence, but she is very gentle and good with people and other dogs. She is still very shy and scared of things like traffic and loud noises but just needs some love and patience. A really lovely and gentle dog
Phone Number: (000) 000-0000
Country: United Arab Emirates
City: Abu Dhabi