Some of the Top Pet shops in Dubai / UAE

May 09, 2015
Dou you have a plan to adopt a puppy or kitten or any other pets ...
Some of the Top Pet shops in Dubai / UAE
1. Petholicks
Keeping a pet is a big responsibility. A life that's going to be with you for the next ​​​​​​​​​​​​​10 years or more.​ Before getting a pet, think ​​​​about whether ​​​​​​you are able to make a long term commitment and ​​​​if you are, what kind of ​​​pet will best suit your lifestyle.
At Petholicks One Stop Pet Shop, we help you reach that decision with the help of qualified staff we make all your pet troubles vanish!
2. Pets Habitat
As obsessive pet owners, we offer our experience of last 15 years to bring you guaranteed healthy pets. Take note that every puppy and kitten for sale at Pets Habitat is diligently screened and filtered out at source for optimal health. Health is assured by selecting strictly ‘HOME BRED’ pets rather than from commercial breeding facilities. Every animal goes through a detailed vet check and stringent home observation regime, pre and post import into Dubai.
We offer market defining health warranties that are enforceable within UAE. No minor issue ignored, no small niggle hidden from you. Vet reports and a unique internal monitoring report is available for each pet. So you can take a chance with other ‘importers’ or you take home an ETHICALLY SOURCED new family member you will be proud to introduce as , my pet is from Pets Habitat.

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3. Pet Corner (A Better Store, Not a Bigger One!)
Pet Corner is Dubai's premier pet store. Founded in 2005, the family-owned and operated store is a one-stop shop for a complete selection of pets, pet-related products and services, including grooming, tank maintenance and lots more. At Pet Corner, the friendly and helpful staff creates a fun and exciting shopping experience for customers and their pets. We know what pets love.
4. EuroPets
When you do something for over 17 years, you get pretty good at it . With over 45 European breeders on our supplier list , We will definitely have the biggest collection in the market
EuroPets had recently moved into the UAE , Having 4 other branches in the Middle East with strong connection in between allows more availability to take place . The Kind of availability that makes our customers feel the reliability and the wide variety of choice we provide all year long
5. ABVC Pet Shop
Our Pet Store in Dubai’s Pet grooming services will offer a full grooming experience or only a weekly “touch-up”, what-ever your wish, we can support it with day-to-day grooming expertise or with a full fletched hair-do for a show, a Bling-Bling Petticure or a stunning new look!
No time? No problem! If required we will pick your pet up at home and bring it back safely after the grooming has been done.
Our Pet shop in Dubai, in-house cat and dog grooming facility provides bathing, clipping, hand-stripping and Pedigree model grooming services including nail clipping, anal glands expression and ear care. Besides this, we have a wide range of grooming products including cat & dog shampoos, conditioners, de-tanglers, perfumes and coat care oral supplements. We also have a wide range of brushes, combs, nail cutters etc. For the more daring under you we have a nice selection of “Nailpolish and Bling” and even a color wash can be discussed.
6. Homely Petz
Homely Petz LLC founded in 2006 by a British Veterinary Practice Manager, is the leader in home pet care services in the UAE. With our pet-loving team we have over 75 years combined experience in professional pet care. Recommended by the leading Veterinary Clinics in Dubai you can be assured of our quality service and support every time.
We provide a complete service from our British-managed team from the moment you get your pet.
7. PetsPlus
The Pets Plus Brand has been trying to redefine the pet and aquatics industry in Dubai for the last few years. We strongly believe in animal welfare and pride ourselves on employing people that are passionate about animals. All of our staff have worked or have experience in the pet industry; we trained our staff up to European and American standards and invite clients to come and ask questions and seek advice before purchasing anything. Pets Plus isn’t just a shop, we are family that love animals.
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