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Do Older Horses Need To Be Vaccinated And Wormed?
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Oct 13, 2015
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More horses live for longer than ever before all thanks to a better understanding of their nutritional needs, advancements in veterinary medicines and how to treat certain common conditions successfully. As a result, researchers are always keen to find out how best to keep horses in good health during their golden years which not only includes what they need to be fed, but also whether or not they need to be regularly wormed and vaccinated too.

Recent studies in the States established that 29% of the horse population in the UK is over the age of 15 which is ten percent more than across the water where the research established that the horse population over the age of twenty stands at anything between 7% and 15%. When all added up these figures translate to a lot of horses in their senior years.

A Horse’s Immune System Does Not Work as Well with Age

Although horses are enjoying longer life spans, their overall health generally suffers with age which is mainly due to the fact their immune responses start to decline when they reach 20 which is known as “immunosenescence”. The decline in their immune systems increases the risk of them developing more inflammatory disorders which can result in horses suffering chronic or low grade age-related inflammatory conditions and diseases. As such owners and vets need to work together to ensure that horses enjoy a comfortable life when they reach their golden years by ensuring not only that their nutritional needs are met, but to also make sure they are regularly wormed and vaccinated.

There are 3 ways vets and owners can make life more comfortable for a horse over the age of twenty which are as follows:

To ensure a well thought out and planned vaccination programme is in place

To ensure the older horse is regularly wormed by carrying out frequent worm counts

To ensure their nutritional needs are met which includes taking care of any imbalances whether they are deficiencies or exces Ma
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